Store Policies & FAQ

Our goal at Dreamland is to offer stellar customer service and to make sure that you're happy with your order. If you have a problem with anything you've purchased from Dreamland, please contact us so we can help to make you happy. Please note that our polishes are guaranteed to be free from defects such as curling glitter, bleeding glitter, and fading for one year from date of purchase.


Shipping: We offer free US shipping on orders of $30+ with no code required, as well as a couple of options for our international customers.

Option A) Free shipping on orders over $50, no code required.

Option B) $7 shipping discount on orders over $40 with code INTL40.

Rest of the World
Option A) Free shipping on orders over $70, no code required.

Option B) $7 shipping discount on orders over $40 with code INTL40.

Our current shipping time is 3-5 business days, but note that turnaround times may increase after a new launch or pre-order. The turnaround on pre-orders is generally about two weeks. 

All packages are shipped via USPS First Class or Priority Mail. We ship to the address on record with PayPal. Please make sure your address is correct before placing your order! You will receive an email from us when your order ships that will include the tracking number for US shipments and a customs number for international shipments. This customs number can be used for limited tracking through the USPS website, and tracking for international packages may not update once the package leaves the US. Delivery times within the US are generally 3 to 5 business days. Delivery times for international packages are normally 6 to 14 days, though sometimes packages can be delayed in customs and take several weeks to arrive. 

Lost, Damaged or Incorrect Packages

Even though we package our items carefully and securely for shipment, occasionally one of them doesn’t make the trip safely - sometimes the wrong item ends up in your package. If you receive the incorrect item, or an item breaks in transit, please contact us within 72 hours with a photo of the broken or incorrect item so we can send you a replacement right away!

Lost packages will be replaced. For US shipments, we ask that you allow 14 days for delivery before contacting us for a replacement. For international shipments, we are currently only considering packages lost after a period of 60 days after the last scan. We know this is a long time (and is much longer than we usually require), but USPS slowdowns and delays at the various customs facilities due to the pandemic have resulted in sometimes very long delays, but the vast majority of the packages DO eventually arrive. We really appreciate your patience during this time!


So Dreamland Lacquer is actually handmade?

Yes, it is! It is hand mixed in small batches, and then bottled and labeled for sale. 

Are your polishes 3-free/5-free/cruelty free/vegan?

Yes! They are free of toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate. They are also cruelty free and vegan. A full list of ingredients can be found on the Ingredients page.

This polish doesn't look like the picture I saw! What gives?!

We and our swatching team do our very best to show the polish as it actually looks. But please remember that there are differences in cameras, lighting, monitors and skin tones that can make polishes look drastically different from one person to the next.

This polish doesn't look like the other bottle of it that I had. What gives?!

The nature of handmade polishes, like all handmade products, is that following the exact same recipe may yield slightly different end products. Why? Well, because it's not just polishes that can have batch differences - it's also pigments and colorants. Every effort is made for as close a match as humanly possible, so that you're getting what you expect - a beautiful, unique, handmade polish.

Do I really need to use base coat and/or top coat?

If you aren’t using base and top coat, you definitely should! In addition to extending wear times significantly, some of our polishes do not dry shiny on their own due to the pigments used. All of our polishes will look best with a shiny top coat. Our glitter polishes will look their absolute best with a coat of Gelous or a similar thicker top coat, plus a coat of quick dry top coat. We strongly recommend the use of a base coat to help prevent staining.

Wait, what's this about staining??

We test our pigments for staining, but differences in nail porosity plus removers and removal methods make it impossible to know for certain that a polish that doesn’t stain on one person won’t stain on another. We do note right on the listing if any staining has been reported by our swatchers or customers. Darker colors, especially blues and greens, are more prone to staining than other shades. f you do end up with stains, whitening toothpaste works well to remove it. Some cuticle removers, such as Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, have worked well for us in the past in removing stains as well as cuticles!

How should I store my polish?

It’s best to store polish out of direct light, as many pigments can fade over time, and this is exacerbated by exposure to light – especially direct sunlight. Neon pigments are more prone to fading, and thermal pigments can stop transitioning if they're exposed to temperatures that are either too warm or too cold, and they don't like light very much either.

Is it normal for polishes to separate?

Certain pigments separate over time. This is normal, and there’s nothing that can be done to prevent it, apart from giving all your polishes a good shake from time to time. For both pigments and glitters that sink or separate, shaking or rolling the bottle before use should fix them right up.

What about polishes that get too thick? Should I throw them out?

No! All polishes can thicken over time, and this can happen more quickly with glitter polishes than others. You can get polish thinner at most beauty supply shops or online to help revitalize your polishes and get them back to their original consistency. Don’t use nail polish remover or acetone for this! That will actually break down the ingredients in the polish, as opposed to just replacing the solvents that have evaporated and led to the thickening.