Clay Cow
Clay Cow
Clay Cow
Clay Cow

Clay Cow

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Clay Cow features a sage green crelly base with coppery red shifty shimmer and a sprinkling of holo microglitter.

Roughness: Slightly textured
Number of coats: 2 to 3
Top Coat: Highly recommended
Staining: None reported.

Who among us hasn’t wanted the machine from The Jetsons where you put your hands in, and pull them out fully manicured in the color of their choice? Nail polish via technology. However, judging by the color swatches in this article, we’re not sure artificial intelligence is quite up to the task of making indie polishes just yet: New Paint Colors Invented by Neural Network Inspired by the work of the neural networks being run by Janelle Shane, this time, we took care of the sparkles, and only let the robot polish overlords name them. Presenting: “Woleebaph Ronder Wily” - or, in English, “What Your Computer Might Name Your Polish.” (Names used with permission of Janelle Shane)

Our swatchers do their very best to show the polishes how they actually look. But please remember that there are differences in cameras, lighting, monitors and skin tones that can make polishes look drastically different from one person to the next.

Our polishes are hand mixed in varying batch sizes, and then bottled and labeled for sale. The nature of handmade polishes, like all handmade products, is that following the exact same recipe may yield slightly different end products. Why? Well, because it's not just polishes that can have batch differences - it's also pigments and colorants.